Terms & Conditions

Liability, Payment and Warranty Terms

Terms & Conditions:

Acceptance of a STT Secure program quote by return e-mail or verbally means you are agreeing to adhere to our terms and conditions which are detailed below:


Liability: Westhere Ltd nor any other associated company connected too or working on behalf of Westhere Ltd can be held liable for losses due to theft or damage after the security equipment has been installed. Systems are designed to be self-monitored unless. Unless otherwise agreed, the system owner assumes the responsibility of regular system testing and replacement of sensor batteries where used in PIR’s, door contacts and other devices. Regular testing is required of all systems to ensure that the system is functioning correctly, and it is recommended that a test log is maintained for future reference.

Payment Terms: Upon completion of the installation, Westhere Ltd will raise an invoice for the full amount which is payable in full within 21 days of the installation. You will not be entitled, due to any alleged minor defect, to withhold more than a proportionate amount of the outstanding balance. If you elect to withhold any amount after the due date because of any alleged defect you must give Westhere Ltd notice in writing before the final date on which payment is due and, in that notice, you must state the reasons you are withholding the payment.

Warranty: All products, installation and services supplied are warrantied for a period of 12 months from the completion of the installation. Most Products supplied by Westhere Ltd are supplied with the benefit of a manufacturer’s product guarantee. Where a claim in respect of any of the products supplied is notified to Westhere Ltd by a customer in accordance with its terms and conditions, Westhere Ltd will liaise with the manufacturer and use all reasonable endeavours to secure a replacement of the product or the part in question or (at the manufacturer’s discretion) a refund of the price of the product (or a proportionate part of the price), in which case Westhere Ltd shall have no further liability to the Customer. Westhere Ltd warrants to the customer that the installation services will be performed by the appropriately qualified and trained persons using reasonable care and skill, to such high standard of quality as it is reasonable for the Customer to expect. Where a valid claim in respect of the manner of performance of the installation service is notified to us in accordance with Westhere Ltd Terms and Conditions, we may arrange for the relevant products to be reinstalled by either Westhere Ltd or its appointed agent, at our sole discretion or refund to the customer the charge for the relevant part of the installation service (or a proportionate part of such charge), in which case Westhere Ltd shall have no further liability to the customer. This warranty will not apply unless the product has been installed by Westhere Ltd or its appointed agent and has been properly used and maintained throughout the warranty period, or unless the customer has informed Westhere Ltd of the alleged defect within the Warranty period and within a reasonable period of the alleged defect becoming apparent. Changes to GSM signal coverage post installation are not covered by this warranty. Changes of broadband internet providers, routers, WIFI or WIFI security credentials post installation are not covered by this warranty. The Customer agrees that he/she will promptly provide all information and support including access to the site and services necessary to enable Westhere Ltd or its appointed agent to evaluate the alleged defect and to perform its obligations under this Warranty. Any dispute as to whether a defect is covered by this warranty shall be immediately referred at the request of either party to an independent expert whose identity has been agreed by both parties. The benefit of this Warranty shall be exercisable by Westhere Ltd Customer or, in cases when the property to which a system has been installed is sold within the Warranty Period, to the new legal owner of the property. It may not be transferred to or exercised by any third party. This warranty shall be construed in accordance with English Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Charges: Repair, service and maintenance work will be charged as per the following rates, unless covered by our products, installation and services warranty:

  • Call out charge: £35.00
  • For each hour or part of hour on site: £25.00
  • Cost of any required replacement parts will be quoted, and prices agreed prior to installation.
  • Where possible we aim to replace any required parts immediately, where parts are not available from stock and a return visit is required additional hourly charges will be made but call out charges will not apply to additional visits.
  • All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.

Validity:  Terms and conditions last updated 6th January 2022