How Will You Secure Your Farm?

Many Farmers, often after experiencing a theft themselves, decide to install CCTV (camera) systems around their property and fit tracking devices to their quad bikes and tractors.

Cameras have value as both a deterrent and as a record of events but sadly we hear too many reports of the hooded and masked thief damaging or calmly waving at the camera. Without a clear view of their face it can be very difficult to identify and prosecute the offender. Tracking systems and forensic marking can be extremely valuable in tracing or identifying a stolen vehicle, but in the meantime you have no vehicle because it’s gone.

Thieves come in all shapes and sizes:-

  • Day time opportunists posing as scrap collectors who will simply arrive at the farm unannounced and take their opportunities as they find them.
  • After dark opportunists who have already recce’d your place during daylight or maybe working on information they have received about equipment, vehicles, fuel or livestock which is readily accessible with a low risk of detection.
  • Specialist, professional and determined thieves who target tractors, quad bikes, fuel or livestock who will have good information, often gathered over a period of time, on locations and your routines, and where they are going to move the stolen items to after the theft.

Ask yourself and your family what do you want to do if thieves visit your farm? 

  1. Catch them “red handed” and make a Citizens Arrest before detaining them until the Police arrive?
  2. Let them get on with it and then claim on the insurance?
  3. Use a number of discrete detection devices to alert you that they are on your property without them knowing so that you can call for Police support in the hope that they can be apprehended before they get away with your property?
  4. Use a number of discrete detection devices to alert you that they are on your property and additionally make it clear to intruder that they have been detected through the use of loud sirens, lights and strobes and that they could be challenged and apprehended at any moment?

Your answers will depend to a certain extent on the layout of your farm and if your buildings are close to the farmhouse or a considerable distance away.

However, when considering the options listed above (there are more) you will have concluded that:-

No. 1 is not advisable.

No. 2 is not in our nature.

No. 3 can be a good option if you know that you can rely on a positive and fast Police response but this can be problematic in rural areas.

No. 4 often turns out to be the most popular option. As an example, consider the thief creeping into your yard with the intention of quietly pushing your quad bike off down the lane but as they pass through the detectors the alarm is triggered with sirens and lights going off all around them.

No single solution is the answer to all situations, and the thieves out there are always trying to find new ways to get around our defences so very careful consideration of what you want to achieve will greatly assist you in making a good and hopefully effective decision about what type of security you want to install and what actions you will take when the alarm is activated. Stop That Thief are experienced in designing and installing security systems for that work in rural environments that can cover large areas without the need for wires and power. Contact us today to arrange your free, no obligation site survey and let us design a system that is right for you, your situation and your budget.

Finally, don’t just install it. Test it regularly, at least monthly, and move it around when circumstances change. It’s only any good if it works when you really need it