Asset Protection with Single Channel Receiver

Asset Protection with Single Channel Receiver

This device is designed to detect any vibration or sudden movement however small and has many applications.

Attached to a quad bike and activated by an attempt to move it, the detector will immediately send a radio alarm signal to a receiver up to 500 metres away. Applications include anywhere a static object needs protecting from theft, ATV’s, Tractors, Trailers, Machinery etc.

  • Sensitive to Shock, Vibration and movement.
  • Tamper protected.
  • Key operated activation.
  • Battery life up to 2 years using two AA batteries.
  • Battery condition is monitored by the receiver or control panel.
  • Radio range up to 500 metres

The robust receiver offers functionality, easy set up and portability. Simply plug it into a 13A 3 pin socket and it’s ready to receive an alarm signal from the detector. When activated the integral buzzer can be set to sound for either 3 seconds or 3 minutes before re-arming.

  • Tamper Protected
  • BNC antenna connector enables the use of a High Gain Aerial to increase radio range
  • Low battery and Tamper Transmitter LED indicators
  • Supplied with mains adapter.

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