Driveway Alert System

Impressive Long Range (800 metre) Wireless Driveway Alert System designed to help you monitor and protect your Driveway, Yard, Garden, Home or Business


  • The Wireless Receiver is packed full of features including:
  • 800 metre Wireless Reception.
  • Adjustable Volume (from low to approximately 85 decibel).
  • 32 optional Melodies.
  • Mains Powered using a Plug in Transformer and Battery Back Up using 4 x AAA Batteries
  • Zone Indicator (visual and by chime).


The PIR is also packed full of features including:

  • Impressive 800 metre Wireless Transmission.
  • Fully Waterproof.
  • Up 15 metres Detection Range (can be further with large objects).
  • Sunshade & Rain Hood.
  • Battery Powered with Low Battery Warning, battery life expected is 9 - 12 months.

Operational Options:

This Wireless Driveway Alert has the unique feature of being able to use the PIR in two ways:

  • 24 hour operation - for use in locations where all day detection is preferred.
  • Night Time Operation - for use in locations where you only want a working detector during the hours of darkness.

This allows you to perhaps have some PIR's working throughout the day on a subtle chime from the Receiver, and other PIR's that only work when it is dark, which could trigger a louder Siren on the Receiver (ideal for protecting buildings like workshops etc).

Contact us to discuss installing this to secure your property.